Spank Me Whitsunday Islands sailing itinerary
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whitsundays sailing itinerary
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Spank Me Whitsundays Sailing Itinerary
Where you go and what you do

You can get a good feel for the itinerary of Spank Me by watching our You Tube presentation created from pictures taken from the actual Spank Me Whitsundays sailing trip at the bottom of this web page showing you the Whitsundays sailing trip.

There are no set itineraries when it comes to Whitsunday Island sailing trips. In tropical Australia there can be immense differences between high and low tide especially on a full moon.

The weather is always a factor for any sailing trip and between the weather and the tides all sailing vessels "play it by ear" so itineraries are usually not "set in stone" until you are on the actual sailing trip.

You will have the opportunity to snorkel and dive at least once per day minimum maybe squeezing in another opportunity if you arrive at your overnight mooring in time.

You will also have the opportunity for a few social drinks and some silly games of an evening.

Whitehaven Beach is a definate and is visited on every trip. Hill Inlet lookout with the bushwalk up to the lookout is possible, time on Betty's beach and time to kick a ball around or relax in the water is on the itinerary. Often you will moor up in Tongue Bay to be transferred over to the bushwalk, keep an eye out for sea turtles as Tongue Bay is a place they like to hang out. You will probably see a Sea Eagle sitting in the trees watching you as you disembark the boat.

Other locations that may be visited are Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island which is regarded as some of the best fringing reef in the Whitsunday Islands so a popular snorkeling location.

Langford Reef and Langford Spit sit right in the Whitsunday Passage this location gives a "Gilligans Island" feel, a long white sandy spit travels out from the small island and a large fringing reef surrounds the area. There are some magnificent sunsets to be seen from this location.

Nara Inlet on Hook Island might be visited with time to take in the Aboriginal rock art found in rocky overhangs on the island.

Luncheon Bay (great snorkeling and diving) with a small coral beach and high rocky cliffs covered in green folige and hoop pine trees. There are resident Sea Ospreys and Sea Eagles that will come to visit the boat if they feel like it. This is a superb location.

Sailing along the outskirts of Whitsunday Island and the Hook Passage with views of Hook Island you can't help but wonder how Captain Cook felt when he first laid eyes on this incredible scenery.

Often during the trip Spank Me will be under sail and meet up with other racing yachts heading the same way and as crews often do you will end up racing the other boat, the competiveness usually spreads to the passengers who will end up chanting the name of the boat they are on.

There is often a party feel to the overnight stops. The crew want you all to get to know each other and feel relaxed and may encourage you all to join in games onboard to break the ice and to help you enjoy yourselves. If you don't feel like partying you can always find a spot on the boat to check out the millions of stars in the milky way.

Squid will often come around the boat of a nightime attracted by the lights which in turn can attract fish that want to feed on them, if you are lucky this will attract dolphins that want to feed on both the fish and the squid.

It really is no wonder the Whitsunday Islands is considered the highlight of most peoples visit to Queensland. All the elements are there, fabulous locations, experienced crew to take you to remote locations, abundant marine life, blue water, white sand, a good climate, abundant wildlife and new friends for you to meet and interact with on your sailing trip.

There are 74 islands in the Whitsundays. Which ones will you visit?

Usually after your sailing trip returns a get together is arranged at a local watering hole in Airlie beach so you can all have one last drink together with the crew.
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Whitsundays Sailing Itinerary
Whitsunday Islands Sailing Itinerary
Whitsunday Islands Sailing Trip
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